Uganda is an East African country and has quite a smaller land area compared to other African countries. Its economic status has been fluctuating in the past few years because of faulty economic policies, however, this does not affect the natural beauty of the country. Rich in culture and a home to a great range of wildlife, Uganda is definitely one man’s ideal getaway vacation. Reaching Uganda is covered by international flights, but if you are up for an African adventure, you can always hit the road. So relax, as we uncover the borders of Uganda.

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Mabira Forest
Like any other forests, the Mabira Forest is home to different plant species, which serve a role in providing the primary source of food and shelter to endemic bird species. Though it is sad that almost one-third of the forest has been planned to be transformed into sugarcane fields, which is supported by their government, one must visit and enjoy the fresh air in the forest. It is perfect for camps; you just need to make arrangements with forest rangers just so they could provide you an ideal campsite. Bird watching should also be on your list, so always carry with you your binoculars, it will really make your Mabira Forest escapade worthwhile.

Murchinson Falls
The Murchinson Falls National Park is the perfect place for landscape photographers and landscape enthusiasts. The falls itself is a symbol of power, the power of how Uganda tries to bounce back from political and economic setbacks. The place is ideal for fishing, so for those who are in for casting their baits, pack-up your things and visit the Murchinson Falls. The scenic view brings total relaxation, though you cannot swim directly near the falls, there are some areas where you can take a quick dip, too. If you are traveling with your family, find a spot perfect for picnic, park officials are there to assist you.

Ssese Islands
This is the crown of Uganda’s natural tourist destinations. Located within Lake Victoria, Ssese Islands is an archipelago of 84 small islands. The place is just lovely. With different endemic birds on your view, the refreshing water is perfect for relaxation, too. Boating is also one thing that you must try, island hopping is one of the things that Ssese Islands can provide you. You can also fish around the lake and wait for your next big catch. For total enjoyment, it is recommended that you stay in resorts in the island. Ssese Islands is just so rich in flora and fauna, which one should never miss.

Kidepo Valley National Park
If you are up for a wildlife safari, Kidepo Valley National Park is best for you and your family. Located in the northeastern part of Uganda, it is the home to different animals like wild boars, giraffes, elephants, and tigers. There are resorts in the park area which can provide you with a place to stay. A morning safari would be perfect, and when the sun is about to set, it’s time for you to take good wildlife sunset photographs, a perfect way to make your Uganda trip remembered.

Lake Mburo National Park
It is expected that most of your trip to Uganda would be all about safaris and Lake Mburo is just like that, but the view of Lake Mburo is just like no other. The setting sun provides a very picturesque view of reflecting lights in the waters of the lake. With giraffes and deer everywhere, there’s not much task in terms of looking for perfect animal photo subjects. But nothing beats the fresh air that Lake Mburo can offer you. Enjoy your Uganda trip by visiting all of these sites.

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