Balancing Rocks

Balancing Rocks, which are seen in great abundance in the Matapos National Park and throughout Zimbabwe, are nothing but igneous rocks with geomorphologic features. They are also located in the township of Epworth, southeast of Harare.  These Balanced Rocks stand in a perfect balanced state, without any external support and are natural formations. The geological formation of the Balancing Rock features a large rock or boulders, resting on other rocks or on the glacial till. Some of these formations just appear to be balancing but in fact are strongly attached to a rock base by a stem or pedestal.

The four general categories into which the Balancing Rocks can be classified are glacial erratic, a perched block, an erosion remnant and a pedestal rock. The Balancing Rocks of Zimbabwe in South Africa are the most famous among their kind because they are rock formations which are perfectly balanced, without needing any other extra support.

When ancient granite intrusions were continuously exposed to weathering for millions of years together, and the soft rocks around them simultaneously eroded, these Balancing Rocks were formed. These formations which are also known as Balancing Rock Kopjes, are huge angular granite blocks that are piled on top of and beside one anther, forming stacks and pillars, just like the building blocks of a child.

The Mother and Child Balancing rocks of the Matobo National Park are the perfect examples of most impressive rock formation. The Balancing Rocks that are found here is one of the best granite outcrops in lichen streaked balancing rocks. Another notable rock of this kind is found in Epsworth, which were the first ones to be discovered. These Balancing Rocks gained popularity when Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe featured these formations in certain Zimbabwean bank notes. Anyhow, the onlookers are sure to watch this nature’s gifts stunningly, having the temptation of seeing them again and again and to appreciate their marvellous balance which they have been maintaining even in adverse environmental conditions!