Dades Gorge

Dades Gorges is one of the gorges found in Morocco. Many tourists have been captivated by the beauty of it, and report that it offers a relaxed atmosphere and serves as a good stress reliever. Dades Gorges is an intriguing valley with lively earth colors surrounded by a green riverbed that has reddish carmine rocks and soils. It is said that the road is quite wide and the place becomes narrow at the end.

One of Dades Gorges main attraction is the Kasbah of the rocks of dark red eroded rocks that comes from volcanoes. Dades Gorges is a perfect place for drawing, painting, sketching, writing or having a picnic because of its very relaxing environment. Dades Gorges also has interesting rock formations that looks like fingers and has been captivated a lot of visitors.

Dades Gorges is definitely as beautiful place to stay at because of the inspiring atmosphere it gives. The hues red, green, scarlet red and white colors will surely never escape to your mind and your memory and will leave you a fairy-tale feeling. You will miss the place as soon as you leave it.

The serpent like roads will lead you slowly and the villages apart by dramatic twirls in the mountains while seeing a fresh river though the middle of the journey. People are alive, warm and very hospitable.

The mountains are grayish brown as full of fertile valleys and the rough winding roads will surely add to your excitement.

It is said that travelling without guides is not recommended and not allowed because sometimes the road can be dangerous if it’s not summer. Another fact is there are no regular transportation for commuters which means you have to bring your own vehicle or you have to rent a vehicle or a taxi upon entering the place.