False Bay

False Bay is an amazing body of water that is located in the Cape peninsula in the southern west of South Africa. The eastern part and the northern part of the bay is said to be rocky and mountainous.  The bay is defined as Cape Hangklip which means “Hang-Cliff “in English. In some places there are large cliffs that plunge into the deep water. The popular peaks located in the bay are  Koeelberg which is 1269 meters or 4163 feet, as well as Sommerset Sneeukop (1590metersor 5217 feet) and Wemmershoek Peak 1788 meters or  5866 feet)  which is clearly noticeable across the False Bay. The highest peak of the bay is Dutoits which is 1995 meters or 6545 feet. While the eastern shore has high peak, the northern shore of the bay is depicted as a very curvy, sandy and very long beach. The sandy part of the bay is the southern area which is popular by its name, Cape Flats. False Bay is said to be 30 kilometers long which is perfect for a summer get away. Many tourists are being attracted by this wonderful natural piece of art that everyone would surely enjoy. The cape is is the first in Cape Town to be the most fashionable swimming area because of its clear blue water, sandy beaches and lots of recreational activities to do.

The climate of the bay is mere Mediterranean which is warm with dry summers and cool damp winters.

If you love fishing, False Bay will be the perfect place because the bay is abundant of fishes like snoek, (an oily barracuda-like fish) that is local in the place and many kinds of fish. Sailing is also a good recreational activity to do at False Bay but sometimes the waves it produces can be dangerous.