The second biggest depression is accounted for by the Farafra depression which is located in the western part of Egypt. The depression is located in western desert of Egypt that is between Dakhla and Bahariya. Farafra has a very small population. It is reported that the number of habitants living in the depression is only around 5000 as of 2002. The local inhabitants of Farafra were mostly Bedouins (people who live in the desert).

If you are a history lover and that is captivated by ancient architectures then Farafara is a good place to visit. The place still has its traditional architecture which is smooth, simple and all in its mud color. You will feel that you just turn back time on its ancient days. The culture is preserved that gives them pride and because everything is traditional, tourists are attracted to take a look especially the tourists who are observing different building and housing architectures.

The main attraction of Farafra depression is its desert color. The white dessert, also known as “Sahara el Beyda” that is located 30 miles from the town of Farafra. The white desert is said to be developed because of the continuously occurring sandstorms. The place is typically visited by schools around Egypt and is perfect for camping.

Dresses and shirts that are sold in the market has a very high quality of embroidery. As well as the olives and olive oil were at its finest quality. Another tourist’s attraction is the hot springs located in the area. As for female visitors, they should respect the tradition (Farafra has is rich in culture and tradition as mentioned above) that they can only bathe at the hot springs in the afternoon. Farafra is said to have a very nice oasis to walk around, the nice gardens are very well maintained.