Garden Route

The Garden Route has the most beautiful stretches of the coastline in South Africa. Garden Route stretches from Heidelberg in the Western Cape to the Storms River. The name of the place comes from its own wonders like lagoons and lakes along the coast the makes it a garden in the coastline.  The starting point of the Garden Route are the towns such as Witsand then Stilbaai and then Albertinia and its winds route for about 200 kilometers via George then Sedgefield and lastly Knysna located in the Plettenberg bay and there a beautiful place called Tstisikamma Forest will be found. The forest serves as a sanctuary of ferns, giant trees and bird life which is said that some of the life forms are endemic or can be only found there.

From Heidelberg to Storms River, the garden runs in a parallel to a coastline where beautiful lakes, captivating mountains, various and tall indigenous forests, beautiful rivers and golden and sandy beaches. The name of this place deserves its name for being a giant garden that is well maintained and protected. This is a perfect place to a person who wants to unwind, relieve himself from stressful working days, also perfect for environmental photo shoot, commercials and a lot more.

One of the most important geological feature of the Garden Route is the Cango Caves where the tourists can discover various of caverns and chambers that is naturally formed by limestone that is located at the outside city of Oudtshoorn. Cango Caves is one of the most visited sites in South Africa. It is also said that Oudtshoorn is in the plateau of ostrich feather industry between the yeat 1800s and early 1900s. Ostrich farms can be also found there which inclined in the production of meat, leather, and feathers and eggs that can also be toured.