Hex River Mountains

The Hex River Mountains is a mountain range that acquired the record of being the second highest mountain range in South Africa. The Hex River Mountains are located in the Western Cape. The mountain range is approximately 50 kilometers long with a ridge that arches southward. It is said that the highest peak in the mountain range is the Matroosberg at its 2246 meters and the other four peaks are more than 2000 meters. The mountains are made up of layered sandstone, quartzite and shale.

The Hex River Mountains can be reached approximately 100 kilometers from Cape Town and the biggest town near the mountain range is the Worcester that is accessible by taking the N1 highway from the Cape Town. It is also said that the mountains is merely surrounded by privately owned farms and also a good starting points for hikers.  Most of the land owners there accept mountaineers in their lands and they usually charge entrance fees for camping and hiking on their land.

If you want to start hiking, it recommended that you start at the western end of the mountain range that belongs to the University of Cape Town and permits hiking through their land.

The weather in the Hex River Mountains and the entire Western Cape Province is known for its extreme weather conditions. The summer starts at December to February at the temperature about 35 degrees. In the summer, there are no trees in the mountains and it is difficult to find any shelter from the sun. Most of the streams become dry so If you want to travel between this months you have to make sure that you have enough water for you. While in winter, snow is commonly falling. As a matter of fact there are two ski lifts on the region at Waaihoek and Matroosberg and weather can be changed suddenly at anytime of the year. The winter season is also good for cultivating cherries and table grapes.