Hogsback Easter Cape

One of the natural wonders of Africa is the Hogsback, a village that is Located in Amatola Mountains in Eastern Cape, South Africa. The name of the village is said to be an origin of two words or maybe more and said that it originates from Captain Hogg, the commander of Fort Michelle and some locals think that it looks like a hog’s back in certain angle of its particular rock formation.

Hogsback is located about 30 kilometers from the town of Alice. Generally speaking, the Hogsback is in the Central Southern part of the Country. It is halfway between the town of Alice and the Cathcart Village. Nearby towns are Seymour which is in the west, Fort Hare, Whittlesea, Waterdown and Keiskammahoek.

Hogsback is notable for its amazing indigenous forests, captivating waterfalls and exciting trout fishing. The area that surrounds the village includes rare and exotic plants that come from all parts of the world. One of the most popular tourist’s attractions of Hogsback, aside from the “hog’s back” rock formation is the tallest peak in the area that as a measurement of approximately 1954 meters named Galika’s Kop.

Upon traveling there, the village is located on the R345 and it is only the route for communication because of the small and unpaved roads which can be very risky and it is not recommended for travelers and locals.

Hogsback has four kinds of climate which is the autumn that comes in a very mild weather and coated with orange, yellows and brownish shades of the pace, winter that is very cold and occasionally falling of snow and they celebrate Christmas in July (which is their winter), a refreshing spring and a very hot summer. It is possible that you can experience more than one season in a day.