Kenya is one of the main nations that will come into your mind when talking about Africa. This country is officially known as the Republic of Kenya. This nation lies on the equator with the Indian Ocean to its southeast. Furthermore, Kenya is bordered by Somalia to the northeast, Ethiopia to the north, South Sudan to the northwest, Uganda to the west, and Tanzania to the south. As a matter of fact, this country was named after Mount Kenya, which is a major landmark and second among the tallest mountain peaks in Africa.  Kenya is the heart of Africa and home to many wonders.

The land area of Kenya measures 580,000 square kilometers and has 41 million in population, as well as representing 42 different cultures and people. Kenya has a lot of beautiful places that you can consider when you are planning to vacation in this place. It has a lot of deserts and mountains, colorful tribal culture, as well as coral reefs and beaches. There are also some natural wonders here in Kenya that you will surely want to visit, such as The Great Rift Valley, Mount Kenya, Masai Mara, and Lake Victoria.

Amboseli National Park
One of the leading attractions in all of Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro.  It is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world and the tallest mountain in all of Africa.  It is also one of the most picturesque mountains in the world as well.  Although it is based in Tanzania, the most stunning picturesque view of the mountain occurs in Amboseli National Park.

Amboseli is also renowned for its wildlife.  There is a great herd of elephant as well as the rest of the Big 5 except for the rhino. Travelers come to see Mount Kilimanjaro and they come to see wildlife.  The absolutely greatest experience is when wildlife is framed with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background.

The Great Rift Valley
It is actually divided into western and eastern parts of the western group of Rift Valley formed mostly by mountains in which the shape is mashing. The Eastern part of the Rift Valley is deep, the deepest in Nairobi, which is the capital city of Kenya. This part of the rift area deep simply because there is no sea, thus the structure of shallow lakes, which contain salt and minerals are high, it becomes the center point of a lot of wild animals.

Mount Kenya
This is the tallest mountain that you can find in Kenya and it is the second tallest mountain that you can find in all mountains in Africa following Mount Kilimanjaro.  Mount Kenya has significant historical and cultural importance to the people of Kenya.

Masai Mara
Some locals called it simply as The Mara. This is a huge game reserve in the southwestern part of Kenya, which is, in fact, the northern continuance of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. It is nabbed after the people in Masai and their explanation of the place when you looked at it in the distance.

The Masai Mara National Park is very well-known for its extraordinary population of Big Cats, game, and the yearly migration of zebra, wildebeest, and Thomson’s gazelle from the Serengeti each year from the month of July to October, a relocation that is so enormous that it is known as the Great Migration.  The Masai Mara is the most coveted safari destination in the country while providing travelers with an abundance and diversity of wildlife.  Lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo make up the BIg 5 and they are all present.

Lake Victoria
It is considered as one of the Great Lakes in African that is situated in Kenya. This lake was named for Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. With a surface measurement of 68,800 square kilometers, this lake is the biggest lake in Africa by its measurement, as well as Lake Victoria, which is the biggest tropical lake all over the world. Furthermore, this lake is also the second biggest freshwater lake worldwide because of its surface area. Also, when it comes to its volume, Lake Victoria is the eighth biggest continental lake globally as it consists of almost 2,750 cubic kilometers of water.

Lake Baringo
The Lake Baringo is in the most part of northern of the Great Rift Valleys that you can find in Kenya. It extends more than an area of almost 130 square kilometers and high from the ground by over 970 meters. As it does not have any other exits, the water for the lake comes in from a lot of rivers, such as Perkerra, Ol Arabel, and El Moto.
So when you are planning for a great experience of vacation, you can surely consider going to Kenya since it has a lot of natural wonders that you can visit aside from the country’s great parks and other tourist destinations. You can surely be amazed by the great wonders that this country has.

Nairobi National Park
It is pretty crazy when you can be landing at the Nairobi International Airport and look out the window to see wildlife as you land.  It is possible that you may say wildlife from your airplane window as you taxi to and from the terminal.  Nairobi National Park is one of the most frequently visited national parks in the country because of its proximity to the city of Nairobi.

The national park is literally neighbors with the city and the park boundaries border up next to the city.  It is astounding that more wildlife does not end up wondering about the city because of such close proximity.  The park offers a walking safari and is well-known for its efforts in protecting the rhinoceros population.

Tsavo East and Tsavo West
Tsavo East and Tsavo West are neighboring national parks and work together as a competitive wildlife destination with the Masai Mara.  Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park share common wildlife while also offering unique geographical features.

Both national parks provide access to the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo).  Other mammalian species include hartebeest, giraffe, waterbuck, cheetah, jackal, hyena, warthog, kudu, baboon, and eland to name just a few.  These two parks work together to deliver one of the most exciting and rewarding wilderness and wildlife encounters in the world.