The Tsingy de Bemaraha is a strict nature reserve that is located near the western cost of the country Madagascar precisely located in the Melaki Region. The natural wonder is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1990 because of its unique and preserved mangrove forests, wild birds and several lemur habitats. The natural reserve covers 257 square miles at its south end while covering 329 square miles at its north end.

The magnificent nature reserve can be accessed by the national park road located from Morondova Town which is 150 kilometers on the south end of the nature reserve park. It can be also reached by a plane through the town of Antsalova coming from Antananarivo or Mahajanga.

The astonishing wonders you will find in Tsingy de Bemaraha aside from its well preserved mangrove forest are the limestone karts that located in the eastern part by abrupt cliff that rises between 300-400 meters above the Hanambolo River Valley.

The Tsingy is also notable for its chameleon habitats and several endemic animals like nesomyine rodent. Common habitats can be also found there like goshawk, lemur and other bird species.

The limestone hills in Tsingy are a must see place. The nature reserve has both seasonal and permanent rivers that flow on its plateau that drains from the west.  It also has a very relaxing atmosphere that relieves stress and a very good place to find inspiration especially when a tourist visited the incredible limestone formations on the valley and the clear water of the rivers. The place is also an inspiring atmosphere for writers and other design related job that seeks ecological ideas and designs. The wilderness of Tsingy in Madagascar Tsingy will not disappoint any visitors.