Tsodilo is a hilled wonder in Africa that is located in the northwestern part of Botswana. The Tsodilo is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage site and was inscribed in the year 2001 because of its unique spiritual value to its local people.

Tsodilo hills have four main hills and the highest hill is about 1400 meters above mean sea level and also the highest point in Botswana. The four hills is noted as the “Male” which serves to be the highest hill, the second one which is the “Female”, the third is the “Child” and the fourth is not named.

There are recreational sites in the hills which is a managed campsite between the two largest hills with fine accommodations. The campsite is said to be located near the famous San paintings. The hills are accessible by dirt vehicle with a distance of 40 kilometers from the town of Shakwe and also, the campsite is provided with a small museum for additional discoveries.

The magnificent geographical features of the hills are the 4500 rock paintings by the San people (early humans) in the stone faces of the hills. There is no significant age of the paintings but it is believed that the paintings are more than 20,000 years old. Several wonderful paintings are found on the Female hill of Tsodillo which is the Whale, Two Rhinos and the Lion paintings on the Father Hill.

Tsodilo locals are very religious and believed that the hills are the sanctuary of the spirits and also believed that hunting and killing animals brings bad luck because the spirits are not pleased and makes them angry. Visitors are required to take a local tourist guide with them that helps the economical status of the place. These hills are worth more than one visit.